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ic contact - eway

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text, 8/10

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That was fucked up. I shouldn't have

[What does he say to that? Nothing. He says nothing. His fingers are frozen on the keys. What was that she said about regrets, huh?]

I'm sorry. Probably best if you steer clear.
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Doesn't matter if I would have or should have. Bottom line is I did.

[The place fucking brainwashed them. All of them. If he'd known, if he'd been able to pierce through that veil of unconscious memory - he'd even locked himself in his room beforehand after Alice's announcement, an anticipatory defensive measure. And in the end it hadn't even mattered.]

You weren't the only one either. It was me being a liability.
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Does he know it was me?

[The pivotal question here. Of course he would be angry. He should be angry. Alex killed her with no impetus. He attacked her with brutal efficiency, killed her for the simple crime of happening to exist in the vicinity.]
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[Fair enough. If he's lucky, "Kurt" will make it "curt". Ha.]

Guess now you get what I meant by regrets.
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Why are you apologizing to me
i literally killed you

don't act like this was Wonderlands fault, you think it did anything, effected anything that wasn't already there

[He's slipping. Fuck, but he's slipping. He grits his teeth, tries to exert and then re-exert some measure of control.]

Anyway. Now you know why you've got all those enemies.